Montessori Lesson Plans Begin at Birth

"Maria Montessori advises that education begin with the child in the home and in the schools, using the basic principles of observation, freedom, and an appropriate environment."

'Maria Montessori encourages her teachers and parents to assist the child in fostering his human tendencies with environments and materials being created to allow the child to explore, to orientate himself, to order, to communicate, to work, to correct his own error, to repeat and work toward exactness, to quantify, and to abstract and work toward self-perfection. Maria calls this work the Montessori Method."

"One has to visit an established Montessori classroom to appreciate the joy of normal children working and growing in knowledge where a teacher's primary concern is for each child to reclaim his mental stability and natural characteristics. The child does this through his own work in a prepared classroom environment. Perceptive parents can facilitate normalization at home if they observe and collaborate with their child's natural tendencies."

"I have starred some of the books in the reference list to help readers learn more about Montessori education and Maria Montessori's philosophy. For new parents with child in arms, I recommend starting with Montessori from the Start: The Child at Home, from Birth to Age Three and How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way. Another excellent book of Montessori teachings with opportunities to purchase materials is The Joyful Child: Birth to Three Years."

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