Montessori Activities for Independence

"For the child to discover freedom as an independent individual, he will benefit most, not only from a prepared environment, but also with an instructor who coordinates the Montessori activities and materials so that the child has successful learning experiences."

"If we adults pay attention to our child's unique learning time for a particular skill and collaborate with appropriate activities and materials, we won't then have to work as hard to motivate their interest to learn. A child's inner drive to gain new knowledge and skills allows him to accomplish his work without fatigue. If the child should miss acquiring some particular skill or knowledge at the appropriate moment of learning within the sensitive period, he'll feel weary in his efforts at a later time and the adult will experience low energy while trying to teach him."

"Interested in making friends and getting along socially, the child wants a chance to participate in structured social work. It is a good time to organize field trips and group activities. He's eager to express himself in every way, exploring friendships and relationships. It's a rich time for the development of all his social skills of language, movement, learning, thinking, and reasoning."

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Thoughts About Montessori Theory