Montessori Theory Revisited

Montessori Theory Revisited


Over one hundred years ago Maria Montessori discovered the secret miracle of childhood. Her vision of peace lives on in this passionate memoir of a disciple of her spirit. Maria's enlightened revelation of the newborn's talent to construct his future life with his own mind is illuminated step by step as each chapter probes deeper into mankind's existence.

MONTESSORI: Living the Good Life is a thoughtful read for mothers, fathers, grandparents and all educators and citizens concerned for peace in the home, schools, and world. Readers will discover a fresh look at the Maria Montessori theory, philosophy and other key concepts of the Montessori method. This book is for everyone, about the child in your arms and the child in your heart.

Words heard from readers:

". . . a strong writer, enthusiastic, passionate. I felt like I was at the synaptic gap between neurons, witnessing connections firing, and sparking ideas."   

"I wish I had read this book before my children were born."

"Profound, informative - definitely a reading for everyone seeking a happier life."

With a master's degree in theology, the author delves deep into Maria Montessori's spiritual understanding of the roots of war. Passionately Maria explains how we can make a difference: how we can be peacemakers. She tells us that education must be promoted as the primary tool for building peace and guiding the individual and society to a higher stage of development.

MONTESSORI:  Living the Good Life is available to purchase in both hard, soft cover, and electronic copy at your preferred on-line retailer or ordered at your favorite bookstores. You can also make your purchase by clicking on the Buy Book links found throughout this website. 



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